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CL215 Panel information


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CL215 Panel information.
Key to gauges and sub-panels.

Main panel

Throttle quadrant icon


Kneeboard icon

GPS icon


Radio Icon


Starter panel icon


Overhead     panel icon


Map icon


Yoke icon


Zoom Main instruments icon


Dump water panel icon


Point of view

Change point of view height

Aircraft speed

Attitude indicator


Range meter indicator

Horizontal situation indicator

Vertical speed indicator

Park brake lever

Turn coordinator

Instrument Air

OMI markers

Analogic clock

Annunciator lights

Test lights switch

Landing gear lever

Landing gear lights

Engine 1 Prop feather switch

Engine 2 Prop feather switch

Dual manifold pressure

Dual engine RPM

Dual Cilinder Head temperature

Dual Engine Oil Pressure

Dual BEMP indicator

Dual Fuel Pressure

Dual Carburator Air Temperature

Dual Oil Temperature

Flap indicator

Left    Tank Fuel Quantity

Right Tank Fuel Quantity

Oil Tanks Quantity

Hydraulic pressure

Engine Cowling flaps indicator

Magnetic Compass

ATC    registration

Radio Panel

Yoke pop-up

Overhead panel

Battery switch

Alternator switch engine 1

Alternator switch engine 2

Navigation lights

Landing lights

Beacon lights

Panel lights

Avionic switch

Pitot heat switch

GPS/NAV swotch

Left fuel tank selector

Right fuel tank selector

Ignition panel

Left fuel pump switch

Primer left

Starter left

Magnetos left

Magnetos right

Starter right

Right fuel pump switch

Right primer

Rudder trim

Pitch trim

GPS panel

Throttle quadrant

Dump Water panel

Tank fill button

Water tank content

Water controls Bay door open/close

Water controls Pump on/off

Dump water operation and advices.

Important to read.

In the aircraft.cfg file have been added appropriate-sized auxiliary (drop) fuel tanks

to represent the fire retardant payload.

Because of this IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to remember to adjust the total fuel load to keep it below the MTOW for land or water takeoffs. These are given in the Performance section of the ircraft.cfg file. Not correcting those values would be difficult to take off from the runway with the overveight and impossible to take off or even move when floating in the water. Using of drop tanks to simulate the water tank weight give realistic feeling of weight decrease when the water/fire retardant is dropped.

It seems that there is not a valid solution to restore the weight of water/fire retardant in the tanks, or we have not found one. The only valid solution is to select a different aircraft and the select again the CL215.

However It is possible to simulate water tank refill and drop using the water dump panel and perform water dumping operation with water dropping effect, but you cannot feel the effect of weight decrease when the water/fire retardant is dropped if you don't use the right weight in the auxiliary water tanks. This is only possible when you load initially aircraft and adjust the auxiliary fuel tanks with the appropriate quantity that should be maintained below the MTOW, Max Take OFF Weight.

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Vizualizari: 2090
Importanta: rank

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